DC101 Elliot in the Morning Kegs&Eggs 14-9:30 Club-3:15:2013

Watching the sun RISE as you’re walking in/walking out of the 9:30 club in broad daylight is the WEIRDEST THING EVER……just sayin’. First time ever at DC101 Elliot in the Morning’s Kegs&Eggs. I… Continue reading

Kepone- Black Cat- 3:08:2013

A quick trip down to the Black Cat to shoot Kepone for The Vinyl District…..head on over to check out Michael’s review of the show!!! Thanks, Jasan, for coming with me!!


 Zack Arias—you are fucking awesome. Right on, dude…..!!! Also currently obsessing over Vivian Maier….. Her photographs are incredible!!!! And her story is fascinating!!!! A MUST SEE…… I recently received  her book as a… Continue reading

Matchbox Twenty- The Lyric- 2:25:2013

A quick last minute trip to Baltimore last week for Matchbox Twenty at the Lyric in Baltimore. Matchbox Twenty=super awesome band. Gorgeous venue. I had SO much fun shooting this show!  HUGE thanks… Continue reading

Tame Impala- 9:30 Club- 2.20.2013

Tame Impala. At 9:30 Club. For 9:30 Club. Awesome. Show!!!!!!!!! Always fun to run into other photag/writer/editor friends from The Vinyl District and Chunky Glasses at shows we’re covering!  And always nice to… Continue reading

Rufus Wainwright-9:30 Club-2:12:2013

Rufus Wainwright at 9:30 club!!!  What a great show to shoot! I will always have a special place in my heart for Rufus Wainwright, I have really great memories from seeing him about fifteen… Continue reading

Justin Jones: Rock n Roll Hotel: crap I can’t remember the date

A while back, I took some photos of Justin Jones at the Rock n Roll Hotel for an interview featured on the Vinyl District…..check out the interview here! Justin was the first artist… Continue reading

California Dreamin’

I love L.A.!!!! Gorgeous weather…..sleeping in and having no schedule….hanging with my bff from High school and a bunch of other friends….(I realize more and more what a small world it really is)…..coffee… Continue reading

The Used-9:30 Club-1:28;2013

Somehow in the midst of working and packing for LA, I completely forgot to publish this ooooooops…..I’m having a great time in Cali so far!!! …. The Used last week was my first shoot at… Continue reading

Social Media Meltdown

Sorry for the lack of posts, I had to take a little break …….. Facebook….myspace…..google+…..instagram……linkedin…..blogging…..tumbler…..pinterest……youtube…..twitter…..HOW THE HELL DO PEOPLE KEEP UP WITH ALL OF THIS STUFF???!!! Seriously! Between sorting through photos, random FB… Continue reading