Living Colour-9:30 Club-4.19.2013

Living Colour shoot for 9:30 Club!!!! 25th Anniversary of their album, Vivid. I am SO glad I ended up shooting this show! It was epic. Serioiusly—Living Colour is awesome. Soooo talented. My buddy Scoops came… Continue reading

Presidents of the United States of America- 4.16.2013

Presidents of the United States of America. for 9:30 Club. This was a FUN night!!! Went with a bunch of friends…… Presidents ROCKED……lots of good memories……FYI- Peaches come from a can! 🙂

The Metal Alliance Tour-The Fillmore-4.14.2013

I LOVE shooting metal shows. Even if I’m the only chick in the pit. Even if I almost always get crushed. They. are. freaking. CRAZY. Check out Jon’s  great review over at the… Continue reading

Ask me anything #2

More F.A.Q.s……. 1. Can you grab me a setlist???!!!! No. Sorry. This is for several reasons. Let’s assume you’re asking this before the show even starts. The band might want those setlists up… Continue reading

The only chick in the pit…..

Did I really just leave Greenwich last week?? This week was NUTS. Starting on Sunday with the Metal Alliance Tour ft. Anthrax, Exodus, Municipal Waste, Shadows Fall, and Holy Grail for the Vinyl… Continue reading


I’m back in DC after a wonderful week in Greenwich, CT!!! My teacher, Sharath Jois, came over from India to teach two weeks of led classes at Jois Yoga. It was so nice… Continue reading

Craft Brewers Conference w Flying Dog

Before I came up to Connecticut, I had the pleasure of taking some photos at the Craft Brewers Conference downtown in DC with Flying Dog Brewery from Frederick. The first event was a local music… Continue reading


Life is all about balance. Friday night- Local Natives. 9:30 Club. ——> Saturday. Drive to Greenwich. —–> Sunday morning. —–> led 2nd w/ Sharath. Jois Yoga. —–> In my early twenties I lived in… Continue reading


Dear Nick Cave– I think it’s safe to say, that was a fairly awkward moment/first song for both of us…… This came up last minute. After seeing the release, I knew it wasn’t… Continue reading

Jukebox The Ghost-9:30 Club-3.16.2013

Another evening at the 9:30 club for Jukebox the Ghost’s sold out show!!! After the first three songs I was allowed to shoot the entire set, to get some extra crowd shots. It’s… Continue reading