Shopping Trip

Took another ride into the city today, some friends wanted to look around at statues and scarfs……they didn’t end up purchasing any statues, but had some great success at Badsha Bazaar. The wonderful… Continue reading

Lunch at Hotel Dasaprakash

Another yummy lunch with friends, this time we went into town (scooter parade, obviously :)) for a thali lunch at Hotel Dasaprakash. Note: many times “hotel” actually means “restaurant” here…..

The Coconut Stand

Super Secret Breakfast

This morning I went with a group of friends to a “super secret breakfast place” (indian food), outside of town, via scooter (aka, the most FUN way to go anywhere, hands down). I’m… Continue reading

Settling in, in India

On the way to Mysore

Off on another trip to Mysore!! While I’m sad to say goodbye to my family and friends at home (and also very sorry to all the people I didn’t get to see while… Continue reading

A day in DC

Note to self: Do NOT attempt to drive from Frederick to DC at 6:00 am……this drive which normally takes a little over an hour took THREE in rush hour traffic. Oy.  I completely… Continue reading

Home is where the heart is….

I grew up in a very small town called Myersville,  right outside of Frederick, MD. My parents built (and still live in) a log house that sits atop of Gambrill Park Mountain. When… Continue reading

See you in December, Miami!

Tomorrow is my last day in Miami until the end of December. I’m going home to Maryland for two weeks, and then off to India!!!!  

Yoga Gives Back

This past Saturday I had the opportunity to teach  a class to benefit a wonderful non-profit organization called Yoga Gives Back. They aim to raise awareness and funds in order to alleviate poverty… Continue reading