Nice to meet you, Kelly!

After the show at Rams Head Live, I stuck around to shoot a meet and greet for Kelly and about 100 of her biggest fans from the area. I really enjoyed being a part of this experience, everyone was SUPER EXCITED TO MEET HER……it was really really cute. I just adore seeing people so excited and happy.

The whole “fame” thing…….such an interesting concept. Sometimes I take pictures of people that you could say, are “famous”. I’ve waited on/served/cut off a lot of “famous people”, had “famous people” in my yoga classes, have some friends that I suppose you could label, as “famous” etc etc etc….. At the end of the day we’re all just people, right? None of that other stuff really matters. What DOES matter is how you treat other people… you smile and look others in the eye when you’re talking to them? Do you take the time to introduce yourself and shake hands with the people that are cleaning up trash and mopping up beer from the floor? Do you say please and thank you?  Sometimes it’s the little things that make the biggest difference. To me, at least.

Thank you to Kelly and her whole crew for being so genuine and nice!!! Good luck with the tour!!!

*random side note- yes, she really is THAT  beautiful and glowing in person. and yes, she did look perfect in all 98 photos taken. #unreal! 🙂