Of Montreal- Flying Dog Brewery-5.25.2013

I grew up in a very small town in Frederick, Md. My family didn’t have cable, and our house was in the middle of nowhere. I spent a lot of time looking at photographs in National Geographic, Time, and Rolling Stone; and equal amount of time laying on the floor listening to my parents records. I always felt that Frederick was lacking a live music scene, so I ended up spending a lot of time in DC and Baltimore.

As you can imagine I was absolutely thrilled to find out that Flying Dog Brewery was planning on hosting a summer concert series at the brewery IN Frederick!!! First time seeing Of Montreal, they put on a GREAT show! SO much fun to shoot! Also really enjoyed seeing the guys in Us and Us Only again ! I met them back while I was photographing a local music showcase at the Gibson Guitar showroom in DC. They’re really great, and from Baltimore! Definitely check them out if you get a chance. This evening was a lot of fun, and I think the night ran very smoothly. Shout-out and huge thanks to Chip, Corey, and everyone at Flying Dog……! I am so happy to have been even a very small part of this!!! The brewery will be hosting two more events this summer…..more info here!

Us and Us Only

Of Montreal

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