Rihanna-Verizon Center-4:29:2013

Well Rihanna– that was definitely one of the most incredible and wildest experiences of my career so far. I was pretty anxious about this shoot. It was so last minute I didn’t have time to rent a lens or even grab a stool to stand on. When I entered the press area and saw everyone else sitting around with 400mm lenses, I almost turned around and walked out the door.

Ground level soundboard shoot. Behind dozens of rows of people. You get escorted to the bathroom by security. Bananas. It’s a pretty surreal experience to stand in the middle of the Verizon Center and look up at all the people above you.  I’ve shot in stadiums and massive venues, but something about this was different. My head is still spinning. I always dreamed that if I ever had the chance to shoot Rihanna things would be…..different. But oh well.

During the craziest and biggest shows, where there are thousands of people and loads of other photographers and flashing seizure lights and smoke and mirrors…..I find it most helpful to remain as calm as possible and focus on things in their simplest and most basic form…….sometimes that’s all you can do when things get really out of control. Finally, after stressing myself out, I came to a moment where I thought f#%$ it. I’m shooting Rihanna and this is freaking awesome. I’m going to dance and have fun and just do the best that I can…….. it’s always something…….HUGE thanks to everyone DCist for having me out for this show!!!!! Catherine’s review is here!!!