Death to All Tour:The Fillmore: 4:26:2013

An evening of death metal at the Fillmore…….the Death to All tour– a Chuck Schuldiner Tribute and benefit for Sweet Relief. Sweet Relief provides financial assistance to musicians in need, it’s a really awesome charity. Reason #142 I love shooting metal shows….the people! Great people watching……but more than that, everyone I’ve ever met is SO chill and nice. Maybe that’s not what you would think, looking at all the leather and spikes and long hair. Things are not always what they appear. I also just LOVE seeing people happy and in their element……even if it’s not really my “thing”…….it’s a big world out there, and if going to a metal show and head banging for hours brings you happiness then GO FOR IT. This world needs more happiness. πŸ™‚

Thanks to the Fillmore for having me out again!