Ask me anything #2

More F.A.Q.s…….

1. Can you grab me a setlist???!!!!

No. Sorry. This is for several reasons. Let’s assume you’re asking this before the show even starts. The band might want those setlists up on stage.  Just a guess. I’ll be long gone by the time you actually might be able to get one. Also- as I strongly suggest here……. do. not .touch. anything. It will never matter how great your photographs are, if you act entitled/like a jerk, touch things you’re not supposed to, try to go places you’re not allowed, etc.

2. Are you going to go backstage?? Do you know the band/ can you introduce me/ give this to the band/ get them to sign this……??

Sorry, again. No. And 9/10……. no. Unless I’m a) working for friends of mine or b) have special access for a specific shoot, then no. I’m just here to take pictures, yo. I might not even stay for the whole show. It all depends. Girls got stuff to do! Oh, and if you’re thinking about getting into concert photography just so you can “meet bands” let me tell you- there are easier ways that involve a LOT less time, energy and money. Just sayin’.

3. What do you do when you’re not taking photos?

Edit photos. Think about photos I’ve taken. Look at photos I’ve totally screwed up so I can figure out why I screwed them up and then (hopefully) not screw up again in a similar situation. Ashtanga. Cook. Read and learn about Ayurveda. Babysit drunk people. Eat potato chips. Edit more photos. Count the primary series out loud in sanskrit to myself. Watch old black and white movies. Listen to music. Edit more photos. Eat more potato chips. Repeat.

4. Is this your favorite band????

Probably not. I do not always” love” the band or person that I am shooting. Nor do I always know who they are.  It’s just not possible, I can only keep up with so much. HOWEVER— when you shoot the “same thing” all the time, you have to be able to find what is unique and interesting and beautiful about each show. Sometimes its a great song I haven’ t heard in ten years that take me back to that time in my life……sometimes its a really beautiful guitar tone…..or a well arranged  harmony….maybe a drummer that is so bad ass my jaw drops to the floor…….sometimes the lights just look really freaking cool……whatever. There’s always something. A lot of the time I end up really digging a band after I’ve shot and seen them for the first time 🙂

5. So, then…..what is the most awesome show you’ve photographed?

Agh! Tough question!!!! I will narrow it down to top 5 :  Switchfoot. Brian Setzer Orchestra. any and all Gogol Bordello. Flogging Molly. Coldplay.