I’m back in DC after a wonderful week in Greenwich, CT!!! My teacher, Sharath Jois, came over from India to teach two weeks of led classes at Jois Yoga. It was so nice to see friends from Mysore and all over the world that I haven’t spent time with in a while. After over a year of self-practice, it was also great to be in a guided class. You can learn more about the traditional method- mysore classes vs. guided classes here…….I’m feeling the intensity of the past week  in many ways. A lot to process. A lot to think about. I need to eat more chapatis.

THANK YOU to Sharath, Saraswathi, Eddie Stern for assisting, Sonia, Aliya, Anna, Megan and everyone at Jois for all of the hard work, dedication and love that was put into hosting this event. I am very thankful, humbled, and …….sore. There are some beautiful photos from Caitlin Rae Photography here…, off to self-practice and tonight, Anthrax shoot!!……..hey, it’s all about balance, right??!! 🙂

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