Life is all about balance. Friday night- Local Natives. 9:30 Club. ——>

Saturday. Drive to Greenwich. —–> Sunday morning. —–> led 2nd w/ Sharath. Jois Yoga. —–>

In my early twenties I lived in a recording studio, went to art school, dropped out of art school, worked at bars and clubs, and made more money than I could responsibly handle. I did a lot of partying, and made countless bad decisions. Somehow, this led me to yoga….which if nothing else, has given me the tools to begin to navigate through life with more awareness and peace. I am not perfect. I am not always happy. Things are not always easy. But, I feel more comfortable  handling all of the ups and downs. It helps to balance out the late nights and wild situations I encounter when I’m shooting or behind the bar. I was not able to travel to Mysore last year, and have been really missing the connection to my teacher, as well as the time and space these long trips provide to mentally  and spiritually re-group.  I am beyond thankful and excited to attend led classes with Sharath at Jois Yoga in Greenwich this week. After countless months of self-practice, this has been a big kick-in-the-ass…..which I know deep down, is exactly what I need…..