Jukebox The Ghost-9:30 Club-3.16.2013

Another evening at the 9:30 club for Jukebox the Ghost’s sold out show!!! After the first three songs I was allowed to shoot the entire set, to get some extra crowd shots. It’s SO hard to concentrate on taking photographs when all you want to do is DANCE!!! :)……I really enjoyed this show, what a great one to stick around for!!! One quick shot of opener Matt Pond……..and the awesome, Jukebox the Ghost!!!

DSC_4355 DSC_4366 DSC_4377 DSC_4383 DSC_4417 DSC_4426 DSC_4432

DSC_4451 DSC_4456 DSC_4459 DSC_4473 DSC_4504 DSC_4506 DSC_4511 DSC_4532 DSC_4545