DC101 Elliot in the Morning Kegs&Eggs 14-9:30 Club-3:15:2013

Watching the sun RISE as you’re walking in/walking out of the 9:30 club in broad daylight is the WEIRDEST THING EVER……just sayin’. First time ever at DC101 Elliot in the Morning’s Kegs&Eggs. I worked the night before, attempted to get a few hours of sleep in (epic fail) and stumbled up to the club half asleep/half buzzing off coffee. ***Surprise highlight of the day= my ย buddies Groove and Sherman were both working too!!!!!! Thanks for looking out for me! I met these guys about fifteen years ago, when I first started shooting for some friends of mine that were in a band. We. Go. Way. Back.

This was a really fun event to photograph, even half-asleep…..


Dropkick Murphys!!!!!! Acoustic!!!!
DSC_4089 DSC_4096 DSC_4105 DSC_4115

some dude from the Bachelor?……

The Alternate Routes!!!

Comedian Stephen Lynch!!!

Carbon Leaf!!!