Streetlight Manifesto/ Lionize-9:30 Club- 12:16:2012

SEIZURE. LIGHTS!!!!!!!  (Seizure lights= crazy bright lights that come at you from high places and move really fast…..). Also: Streetlight Manifesto photo pit= TOTAL. DANGER. ZONE. I’m beginning to notice a connection between seizure lights and danger zone photo pits…..kind of like HERE…….This was Streetlight Manifesto and Lionize at the 9:30 Club over the weekend for The Vinyl District. Go check out my friend, Jon’s review !!!! Always love working with him-very cool guy,very talented writer.  And I always love working at the 9:30 Club. Huge thanks to Josh, Ross, and all the guys for keeping me  un-crushed for the first three songs. Despite feeling like I had been through a lightening storm, I actually really liked this band and stayed for most of their set. They were awe-sommmmme! However, as I told a few people on my way out- at this point in my life I draw the line at sweaty shirtless bodies, b.o., and vomit. Eeeeesh. Shout-out to the  9:30 crew for dealing with these things every night!


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Streetlight Manifesto

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