Eve 6, Namesake-somewhere in PA-sometime:last:week

I’m going to spare everyone involved with the re-hashing of the events that led up to this evening. Ummmm……yeah. Moving on. I took some pics. Sometimes it can be good to focus your mind and attention on something else.

Namesake– Really cool peeps. I think they’re still touring somewhere on the east coast. You should go check them out! I know this has been a long run, so guys, remember- take care of yourselves, and treat yourselves during this crazy adventure! (Go buy some sweet new clothes or something for Christmas! You totally deserve it!)

Eve 6– Didn’t really know a lot about them or their story until recently…… nothing but a ton of luv and respect for these guys. Super talented, totally down to earth and genuine people, complete gentlemen. I can relate to starting out at a really young age, taking time off to do other things and to grow and develop, then coming back to something because it’s what you love to do. I also believe that people come into/out of your life for a reason-even if that reason isn’t necessarily clear at the time. Hope you guys have a restful and much-deserved bit of time off, a great holiday, and good luck with all that’s to come next year 🙂


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Eve 6

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