HFS 97.5 Keg Nog-Rams Head Live-12:06:2012

I went up to Baltimore last week for the HFS Keg Nog at Rams Head Live…..really fun night!!! I ran into a lot of old friends, met some new ones, took a bunch of pics…..Thanks CK for hooking it up, and all the cool people w Rams Head, HFS, the bands, etc….happy to see Val and the boys rockin the big stage (even with flesh wounds)…..great to see Namesake for the first time ( I will cross my fingers for you guys and your ride every Thursday at 3pm)……really enjoyed shooting/hearing Eve6 again (first time was back in the summer here)…..cool to see and photograph Everclear for the first time…..Not the easiest show to shoot, only because there was no photo pit and as the night went on the room got more crowded so it was hard to move around. But nonetheless, did the best I could. Stayed out waaaaaay later than planned (turned out to be a good thing), had about 15 heart attacks in 5 minutes after that (most definitely not a good thing)…..don’t forget, kids- you play/you pay. Oh yeah, and chance encounters are always better than forced ones.

Thee The The

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Eve 6

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