Some mid-week inspiration….

This past weekend my girl, Bridget, and I headed out to see Val’s band in Baltimore. (pics from show next…..) Bridget is an actress. Val is a musician. We met 13+ years ago. On the way out of DC, B and I were discussing our lives, choices, struggles,passions, etc. etc. Ok, so maybe this is a little cheesy…..but I am SO thankful to have family and friends that are and have always been so supportive of my choices. They really play a huge part in why and how I do what I do. I’m also so proud of ALL my creative-type friends that continue to play music, draw, write, cook, teach, act, etc. This one is for you guys!!!!! I really love what these videos say and represent. A few key points:

1- money/external pleasures are not everything. money= a lot of things, but eternal happiness is not one of them.

2- SUPPORT each other!!! Look, I know there’s a lot of competition out there. But deep down I feel that when you put walls up and aren’t open to sharing/supporting/learning from other people in your field, you miss out on many opportunities to learn and evolve. Everyone and anything can be your teacher if you are open to it. And just because someone else does the same thing as you, doesn’t mean you can’t both do it well in your own ways.

3- follow your calling. 

3. YOU create your world. And it’s never too late to do what you love.

Happy Wednesday, y’all!