Switchfoot-The Fillmore-10:03:2012

……light show part 2. Several people have asked me recently, if I only shoot things that I like or am familiar with. And that is a definite NO. Why box yourself in like that? Every show, every person, every venue is unique and different. Keeps you on your toes! Plus, I LOVE music. (duh) Like, really really really love all of it.  Playing music, listening to music, watching others play, was a huge part of my childhood. I was talking with a friend a few weeks ago, and he asked me what I think makes a good picture. While there are many technical things that go into taking a photograph, I think that much like music, it’s also a feeling. We hear music, we see photographs, and we feel both.

Special thanks to John for having me out this evening, I had a great time! You are SO incredibly talented!! This was such an awesome show in every way. Switchfoot rocks. Yup, they really do. 🙂