Down, Pentagram&Warbeast-The Fillmore-

More metal yeaaaahhhh!!!!! I popped over to the Fillmore in Silver Spring to check out/shoot Down,Pentagram, and Warbeast for the Vinyl District. There was a 4th band on the bill as well, Mount Carmel, that I unfortunately missed. Be sure to head over the the Vinyl District’s site and check out the full review of the show by my awesome buddy, Jon. I also ran into Chris from DC Heavy Metal, and it was nice to chat in between sets and have someone to share the pit with………SPEAKING OF THE PHOTO PIT HOLY COW- I almost got totally CRUSHED!!!! I looked over my shoulder, and these two bouncers came out of nowhere and caught a HUGE body that was being tossed over the crowd and would of landed on me and totally taken my ass OUT. They literally caught him mid-air and I crouched down and felt his body weight give on my head, in their arms for a second, aka, saw my life flash before my eyes. DID ANYONE ELSE THERE SEE THAT MOMENT??!!! ANYONE???? Crazy.

This show was really crazy but FUN to shoot!!! I kind of felt like I had a mild seizure after the second band because the lights were moving so FAST! Also, note to self- buy new and better earplugs. STAT.

Warbeast with Phil Anselmo







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