Charm City Music Festival preview…..

I SWORE up and down, left to right, that I was NOT going out Friday night……..




Ummmmm yeah. That was an epic fail of massive proportions. Hahaaaa oh well at least I had fun!!! Which brings us to the most horrifying picture of me of all time-


And then there’s that moment the next morning when you realize all your other shoes are somewhere in your car, and you have to run out of the hotel in a hot-mess state, looking like a hooker……chugging coffee, mapping out the quickest route from downtown DC to Baltimore, and kicking yourself for staying out til 3am. Thank god I have awesome friends to document these kind of moments. Yikes.


Made it to Baltimore though! Time to get to work!


Shit just got official.









16 hours later…..13 bands shot. Holy moly. What an awesommmmmme day though!

Highlights include: running into a TON of old friends I haven’t seen in a few years…..making a bunch of new ones…….seeing/shooting some great bands…….CK not having a heart attack…..the honor of shooting Weezer’s meet and greet……gorgeous weather…….riding around on golf carts… first taste of cake from Charm City Cakes (look. I don’t even normally really like cake. Or icing. Well, until now)……

Things that kinda sucked: being little and thinking that I need to either a) wear aforementioned hooker boots with high heels to shoot in or b) bring a stool to stand on in photo pit……holy dust and dirt flying everywhere!!!……getting my ass kicked trying to get into photo pit to shoot Weezer only to find out I hadn’t gotten the memo that, “NOBODY SHOOTS WEEZER” (well, from the photo pit or the stage.) F#&^!!!!!!!!!!

Back-up plan B!!!!! Hop barricade and almost get ass kicked again wading through crowd to get to the soundboard, where I luckily knew the sound guy and he was kind enough to let me invade the area for a min. to get a shot. THANK YOU RYAN! And JEREMIAH!

And huge thanks to Paul and Chris for asking me to cover the festival. I had a really great time!!! I’m going through them as fast as I can…….The photos will be done this evening or tomorrow morning at the latest……:)