We Might Collide & Lennex-Recher Theater-8:11:2012

After a fun-filled evening at the House of Blues in Atlantic City and a massive sandwich in the morning, headed back to DC. So fun!! So exhausted!!  Yet, I managed to get a second wind and drove up to Towson to shoot my friends in We Might Collide and Lennex at the Recher. It was a pretty special night, We Might Collide’s cd release and a rare reunion show for Lennex.  I just love these guys!!! We’ve known each other for a  long time, and they are truly wonderful people …..not to mention really talented too! (Even if trying to get a promo shot was like herding cats :))………..Thank you guys for having me out, it was SO great to see everyone (AND YOU TOO GRETCHEN!!!!)