Clipper Mill Pool BBQ

I went to shoot a BBQ at Clipper Mill Pool last weekend. It was hosted by Woodberry Kitchen and Flying Dog Brewery. Woodberry Kitchen is the bomb! They specialize in local and sustainable food. Flying Dog is located in my home-city of Frederick, MD. They have awesome beer, and also offer tours of the  brewery. (Note to self: attend one of these a.s.a.p…..anyone wanna come with?!) Music provided by J Mack (member of ForQuarters Collective), Neil Kurland (Soul Mob), and DJ Who (Mosaic), with live sax from Patrick Rainey (of The Bridge)…….. It was a really fun event!!! Such a beautiful spot too!!!  Music,  dancing, swimming, plenty of great food and beer, super nice people- what more could you want? Thanks, Chip!!!