Exciting new things+iPhone shout-out

I started taking pictures when I was about thirteen. Back then (wow, did I really just say that?!) cameras used this stuff called film. Film vs. digital. I remember feeling both excited and disappointed as the photography world started changing. But really- for a lot of reasons, I am soooo glad I have a film background.

Technology advances. Things change. People evolve. And eventually you have to accept it, or you might get left behind.  But just as with everything in life, it’s important to find a comfortable middle ground when faced with two extremes. So don’t forget your background….. your foundation….. where everything came from.

For the past few years in Miami I was lucky enough to borrow a friend’s nikon (as my old one needed some major repairs) and also have finally entered the iPhone world. I had my doubts and reservations about the iphone camera. But sometimes you end up traveling to the other side of the world and sometimes, you don’t have a “real” camera.  I figured I would do the best with what I had, and began to experiment with the iPhone. It turned out to be a complete lifesaver and joy for me over my last three months in India. It is small, quiet, portable, and people don’t act like deer-in-headlights when you whip it out. Oh yeah, and for a phone- it takes some pretty sweet pics…….

I’ve been thinking and dreaming, of maybe someday buying a new camera. It’s really quite a crazy and irresponsible decision for me in a lot of ways, but at the same time feels more right and perfect than anything ever has. She arrived yesterday, neatly packaged and nestled in a shiny gold box.

My new baby!!! We’re going to have a lot of fun this summer. Stay tuned!  Don’t worry iphone, I sill love you and you’ll be coming with us as well……:)